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Dr. Maria Crincoli Welcomes You.

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"Take care of your body and your body will take care of you"

A body not at ease brings disharmony to body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Maria Crincoli welcomes you to her Millburn and Jersey City office in NJ.

She has been in private practice for 28 yrs and was the first female chiropractor to be on staff at the Meadowland Hospital in Secaucus NJ.

Dr. Crincoli lectures at many schools and private organizations on wellness care through chiropractic, exercises for a healthy posture, nutrition and a positive mental attitude.

Dr Crincoli's In office workshops consist of:

  • Energy Exercises for Women's Health - With a focus on Breast Health Using Wu Ming Qigong. Breast health is women's health! This is for women only.
  • Energy Exercise Movements for both men and women to be part of your daily routine.

She gives Medical Qigong treatment under Dr. and Qigong Master Nan Lu 's tutelage.

Chiropractic care and TCM principles have been an endless passion and a major part of her journey.

Her belief system is based on the chiropractic principle of founder D.D Palmer:

"Healing is from above down, inside out vs. outside in, below up."

The body’s communication can be compromised when there is a nerve (pinched nerve) or a meridian blockage manifesting into dis-ease.

A body not at ease brings disharmony to body, mind and spirit.

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